Augmented Reality is the future of virtual learning. Your smartphone is a portal into the ARX classroom.


Using state of the art motion capture technology, we have world class instructors record techniques to apply to 3D models. Now with augmented reality, these techniques can be demonstrated in the comfort of your living room.



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ARX Team

World class education requires a world class team.

Daniel Ho is a passionate mobile developer who believes in the power of Augmented Reality. Having started in mobile gaming, he was disillusioned with the way society was using smartphones as a distraction, and not as the powerful supercomputer it is. He has experience developing mobile applications with purpose in Silicon Valley, having worked at Connect (LAUNCHfest winner, SXSW startup runner up), GoFundMe (the world's leading crowdfunding platform), and currently Wealthfront.



Daniel Ho
Founder / Product
10th Planet Jiujitsu Blue Belt



Denny Prokopos
Universal Mind Yoga
10th Planet Jiujitsu Black Belt, world champion jiujitsu competitor



Breath of fire has helped me find focus in different aspects of my life, including prepping before big interviews and finding focus before jiujitsu tournaments.
— Daniel Ho, founder


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